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Holiday Cards with a Cricut

You can purchase this SVG on my Etsy

Here is a quick breakdown on how to make them.

etsy cricut svg holiday card


To make a cut out version on a Light Grip Mat- the easiest way I found is to use the Scoring Stylus instead of the Scoring Wheel. You can change this when you click "Edit Tools".

- Remember to change your fold line to a score mark

- The inside of the card will be whats facing up on your mat, pay attention if you are using 2 sided paper.

To use the Card Mat- use the plain template included or use pre-folded cards. You can then use the tree design as a cut out, emboss, foil or pen.

If you are doing multiple options- you can still have them on the same mat. All you have to do is click the 3 dots at the top left corner of your tree design and choose the option to move them all to the same mat.

Then MAKE! You can use the plain card template as your inner card for the cut outs. I've also included a envelope and envelope insert- just remember to change your fold lines to score. As an extra bonus I've included the cutest little snowflake- cut it out on vinyl to add a special touch.

Happy Holidays and Thank you for supporting my little Etsy Shop!


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