Everyone else is blogging..

Last time I sat down to blog was probably 2007 when my emo black straight hair hung over my eyes and I needed an outlet for all the feels I was feeling. Fast forward 10 years and I won't be talking about feelings- well maybe sometimes. I figure since everyone else is blogging I should too. I promise to bring some new things into the blogging world- wait is that possible? My point is- this isn't a beauty blog, nor a "lifestyle" blog. My goal is to do what I do and write about it sometimes. I might drop a beauty tip- or an online shopping score- or a bomb recipe that I pulled out of my ass.

With that being said you should follow my blog if you are curious about the life of an extreme creative 26 year old, old soul who enjoys cooking, knitting, painting, makeuping and hair painting. You must also be ok with run on sentences, made up words and "-". You will see. I told you, I'm a creative.

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