Grow your own nails!

I've always had super short thin nails that tore easily. Then magic happened. Angela (Collage Salon Seattle, WA) told me about this:

CND Rescue RX Daily Keratin Treatment

I've been using this since September. I noticed results within 2 weeks of using it twice daily.

You guys, this is the shit.

It has a little polish brush applicator and a thin oil texture. The instructions say to rub it into bare nails- but my nails are never bare. Ew. So I use it under the free edge of my nail and around my cuticle. You can put it on before you polish- but keep in mind it is an oil so it can keep your polish from adhering correctly. You can avoid this by waiting a few hours before you polish and wiping down your nail with some acetone to make sure there is no residue left.

So like I said I use it under my free edge and around my cuticle with my polish on and I'm still seeing results from it working. My nails are now very strong and (almost) never break. I don't use the Rescue RX every day anymore- just when I feel like I need it.

Here is my ugly bare nails- a rare sighting. But I wanted to prove to you how long they are! This is after filing them down, they can be much longer. Plus I just broke my middle finger- been using it too much...

Now for the other magic.

Essie Gel Couture Polish is the best ever. Second place goes to CND Vinylux. Both are amazing but the Essie Gel Couture just seems to last a tad longer on me- A good solid week. Disclamier: I'm a hairdresser. Nothing lasts long on my nails, my hands are constantly in water.

Today I used Vinylux in the color Thistle Thicket and the Essie Gel Couture top coat. Because I can- and have you ever seen a color as beautiful as this?

This is the CND Rescue RX under my free edge- It soaks in after a few minutes.

Sorry about the shitty photography and awkward hand photos. I'm working on it.

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